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Terms and Conditions of Charter and Hire


Alpine Charters aim is to ensure your time spent with us is a positive and enjoyable experience.

By Law there are set rules and regulations that pertain to Public Passenger vehicles that Alpine Charters must abide by and are incorporated into our terms and conditions.

Please take time to read through our terms and conditions and if you have any queries contact our office on 0414 400 378.

We reserve the right to change our Terms and Conditions without notice, this page will always be current.  We suggest you check this page regularly for changes.

Upon receipt of a Confirmation letter from Alpine Charters and payment of deposit, the Customer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to accept and abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Passenger Conduct

  • Passengers are to behave in a proper manner for the duration of their journey. 

  • By Law passengers are not permitted to place any part of their body outside the vehicle, whilst the vehicle is moving.

  • Alpine Charters reserve the right to eject any passenger behaving in an abusive, inappropriate, offensive, intoxicated or destructive manner from the vehicle and stop the vehicle until the situation is resolved.  This may include requesting Police to attend.  This is at the sole discretion of the driver.

  • Alpine Charters will not be held liable for any delays caused by passenger disruption.  As such the Customer shall have no claim against Alpine Charters. 

  • The Customer is responsible for the cost of repairs resulting from any accidental, deliberate or intentional damage caused to the vehicle by any passenger in their party.  The cost is payable as soon as it is determined.

Seat belts / Child restraints / Booster seats

  • By Law passengers are required to wear seat belts in seat belt equipped vehicles.  Alpine Charters drivers' are not responsible for policing this requirement.

  • Parents, guardians or the Customer are required to ensure all children wear seat belts in seat belt equipped vehicles.

  • Child restraints and booster seats are available on request at the time of booking.

  • Alpine Charters is not responsible for the installation and securing of child restraints and child booster seats.  Parents, guardians or the Customer are responsible to ensure all child restraints and booster seats are age appropriate, installed adequately and securely.

Food and Beverage

  • No food, beverages (bottled water is ok) or alcohol is to be consumed in any of our vehicles at any time.

  • Any unopened beverages, including alcohol, can be stored by the driver.

  • Any food or beverage, including alcohol, covertly brought onto a vehicle and consumed may result in an additional charge for spillages and rubbish left in the vehicle.

  • Passengers must remove all rubbish when disembarking the vehicle.

Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Vapes

  • NO Alcohol is permitted in any of our vehicles

  • NO Illicit drug is permitted in any of our vehicles

  • NO Smoking, including vaping, is permitted in any of our vehicles

  • Any unopened alcohol, can be stored by the driver.

  • Any drugs, alcohol, tobacco product or vape covertly brought onto a vehicle and consumed may result in an additional charge for cleaning.

  • Passengers must remove all rubbish when disembarking the vehicle.

Additional Charges

  • Any additional fees unforseen prior to the departure of the booking are the responsibility of the Customer.

  • Damage and breakage fee - payable as soon as determined .

  • Additional cleaning fee - payable as soon as determined.

  • Waiting fee - if the Driver is required to wait for longer than 10 minutes from the scheduled/confirmed time of pick up Alpine Charters may charge an additional charge of $25 per 15 minutes thereafter.

  • Out of hours fee - services required before 7am or after 6pm will incur a surcharge of 20% of the total scheduled fare.

  • Kosciuszko National Park Entrance Fee and airport ground transfer fees will be included and notated in your confirmation letter if applicable.

  • Cancellation Fee.

  • Any changes to the route or if additional drop off points are requested on route, will be solely at the Driver's discretion and the Customer may incur an additional charge for such.

  • Customer designated pick up and drop off locations must be legal points for embarkation and disembarkation and suitable for the vehicle utilised.  The Customer is liable for all fines and penalties resulting from illegal points for embarkation and disembarkation. 

  • The Customer agrees to have charges debited form their credit card (or direct bank debit) for any additional charges incurred relating to the service not paid for at the time of booking.

  • The Customer agrees to pay all costs (including legal fees regardless of the outcome) associated with recovery of unpaid invoices, late fees and all fees and charges associated with the booking.

Booking Confirmation and Amendments

  • Bookings are essential and not confirmed until a confirmation letter is issued.

  • Alpine Charters will issue confirmation letters for all bookings.  Customers are advised to check all details thoroughly for accuracy and completeness; any discrepancies found in the confirmation letter should be communicated to Alpine Charters as a matter of urgency. 

  • Amendments are not guaranteed. Alpine Charters will issue written amended confirmations for all agreed amendments.

  • Depending on the nature of the amendment, additional charges may be incurred and charged to the Customer accordingly.

  • The Driver does not have the authority to bind Alpine Charters in any manner whatsoever. Irrespectively, should the Customer or passenger instruct the driver to amend the booking and there are additional costs incurred either before or during the booking the Customer accepts full liability for these charges.

  • It is the travellers’ responsibility to provide Alpine Charters their correct contact number and to have this phone with them the day of travel so they can be contacted with any unforeseen last minute changes.

  • Alpine Charters require a payment of a 20% deposit as a condition of confirmation of your booking.  Alpine Charters may amend this figure at its sole discretion. 

  • Full payment for bookings is required 14 days prior to travel. In the event that full payment is not received within this time, unless agreed in writing previously, Alpine Charters reserves the right to cancel the booking and any money paid will be forfeited and the full balance will be due.

  • The Customer is personally liable for the payment of all deposits and payments.

  • Alpine Charters reserves the right to charge 10% compound interest per calendar month after the date by which payment should of been paid.

  • Payment methods include bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard.

  • Cash is permitted on the day of travel only with written prior agreement from Alpine Charters.

  • We do not accept cheques.


  • Luggage is limited to one large bag, one carry-on luggage and one set of skis or one snowboard per person, unless sufficient notice is given for additional luggage.

  • An enclosed luggage trailer may be requested and provided if available.

  • Alpine Charters will exercise care, however we are not responsible for any damage or soiling of luggage or equipment.  

  • Alpine Charters employees may request assistance in loading or unloading any luggage items.


  • All cancellations must be made in writing. 

  • Alpine Charters may, at its sole discretion, charge cancelation fees at the rate of:

20% of the total booking amount if you cancel within 30 days prior to your first journey.

50% of the total booking amount if you cancel within 3 days prior to your first journey.

100% of the total booking amount if cancelled with less than 24 hours of your first journey.

Breakdown and Delays

  • It is strongly recommended that the Customer consider travel insurance.

  • If the Customer fails to take up the charter at the nominated pick up location 30 minutes after the nominated pick up time, then the charter will be classified as cancelled and Alpine Charters are relieved of any obligation to provide the service and shall have no liability to the Customer for any costs incurred by the customer in completing their journey.

  • If the actual departure time is within 30 minutes for a Canberra Airport or Snowy Mountains Airport scheduled/confirmed pickup time, no waiting fee will be charged, however if travelling to the Snow Fields the 15 – 30 minute convenience stop.  If scheduling allows and at the Driver's discretion, the Driver will wait longer and allow the scheduled stop at an additional charge of $25 per 15 minutes.

  • If scheduling allows and the Driver is required to wait for longer than 10 minutes from the scheduled time of pick up the Customer will incur an additional charge of $25 per 15 minutes thereafter.

  • Alpine Charters shall use reasonable endeavours to complete the booking.

  • In the event that Alpine Charters is unable to provide a vehicle to meet all or part of the Customer’s confirmed requirements due to matters outside its reasonable control, a reason of emergency, vehicle unavailability, or other reason, Alpine Charters will only be liable to refund to the Customer that portion of the money paid that relates to the non-operated part of the charter without liability.  Alpine Charters will take all reasonable measure to provide a replacement or alternative solution.  If this is not possible Alpine Charters will endeavour to provide the Customer with as much notice as possible.

  • Alpine Charters reserve the right to subcontract to another operator in the event of unforeseen circumstances; no responsibility will be taken for any inconvenience caused.

  • Alpine Charters cannot be held responsible for any Forced Majeure delays including unexpected traffic conditions and/or adverse weather.  The Customer should consider allowing additional time to cover unforeseen events at the time of booking with Alpine Charters. Alpine Charters shall have no liability to the Customer for failing to arrive at a destination on time and shall bear no liability for late arrival at performances/events or connecting transport.  As such the Customer shall have no claim against Alpine Charters for any reimbursement to the costs incurred. 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

  • Alpine Charters is a registered COVID SAFE Business.

  • The health and wellbeing of our team and passengers is our top priority.

  • To minimise the risk of transmission of COVID19 we expect our drivers and passengers to follow good hygiene practices at all time. We ask all people who think they may have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of coronavirus to seek medical attention immediately or if you are displaying any flu like symptoms or are unwell please do not travel.

  • Alpine Charters shall not be liable for any transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) between group members whilst in our vehicles for their chartered service.

Lost Property

  • It is the Customer's responsibility to contact Alpine Charters if they believe they have left property in one of the vehicles.

  • Alpine Charters is not responsible for any property left, or thought to be left, on an Alpine Charters vehicle.  Alpine Charters will endeavor to search each vehicle at least daily for lost property and store it at the depot for a minimum 48 hours, after which we reserve the right to dispose of or destroy any lost property.

  • Alpine Charters do not guarantee the security of any lost property.


  • With the specific exception of recognised assistance dogs, no animals are permitted to be carried on any vehicle unless permission has been obtained in writing from Alpine Charters a minimum of 3 working days prior to the commencement of travel.

  • The Customer may incur an additional charges for cleaning or damage.


  • Except as permitted by the Australian copyright law, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including text, images and files downloadable from this website, without the express permission of the copyright owner, being OKF Holdings Pty Ltd.


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