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School Students Behaviour on Buses

Travel by bus for all students is subject to them conforming to the Code of Conduct developed by Transport for NSW. This Code of Conduct and the Guidelines for Managing School Student’s Behaviour on Buses were developed to clearly outline every student’s responsibility to behave in a manner that ensures the safety and comfort of passengers and drivers.

Disobeying these rules may lead to the withdrawal of bus travel passes and/or prosecution.

A reminder that when completing the application form the parent/carer explicitly declares that they support the code and that it has been explained to their child.

Be Responsible

Save food for home or school
Keep the bus clean and use the bin
Be a Problem Solver

Use Respect

Use kind words

Keep hands and feet to Yourself

Listen to the Bus Driver

Stay Safe

Stay in your seat while the bus is moving

Use an inside voice

Keep all body parts in the bus

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